Ari Lennox is a Brand's Dream Ambassador

Surprisingly, Rolling Stone DID NOT give the Shea Butter Baby a cover for its 2020 R&B issue. Nevertheless, Ari Lennox is a musical genius and a true student of the genre!

Hands down, Dreamville recording artist and songwriter Ari Lennox is R&B royalty of her generation. She also has a a catalog of music that is perfect for marketing campaigns. With the song "New Apartment" alone, Dollar Tree, IKEA, Target, and many others should be brainstorming how to align with the Ari Lennox brand... Can we say music licensing? This is what occurred when Kit Kat used Missy Elliot's "Work It" in a commercial.

Here are four more bops that Ari could easily receive a fat check for!


"Factimin' my baby tonight..."

If video conferencing wasn't a thing before, the pandemic definitely made it one. Families, large corporations and those seeking romantic relationships, are using the Facetime app to stay connected. With Grammy winner Durand Bernarr on the remix, now is the perfect time for Apple to capitalize on using this song.


"That Yuengling make you do your thang."

We had no idea what this was. We couldn't even pronounce it correctly until we Googled it and discovered that D. G. Yuengling & Son is the oldest operating brewing company in America, established in 1829. That sounds like an ancient brand who wasn't on the minds of Gen Z or millennials until Queen Ari put pen to paper... Cut the check, respectfully.


"Break me off and itchi gitchi yaya when the lights is out."

Break. Me. Off.

Sounds like Missy isn't the only one who can snag a Kit Kat endorsement around here! This song can be licensed for a playful brand or one that exudes sensuality, like Victoria Secret, and even Summer's Eve.


"Shea butter baby, f#@kin' up your sheets."

Ari is known to switch up her style with wigs occasionally, but her natural curls are a staple in her aesthetic. While she has worked with the Maui Moisture, actual Black-owned natural hair brands should be breaking their necks (and pockets) to work with her too. There would have been an enormous amount of brand synergy had one of these companies sponsored her 2019 Shea Butter Baby tour.

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