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  • Q: Publicity is the same thing as advertising, right?"
    Contrary to popular belief, publicity and advertising are NOT synonymous. The biggest difference is advertising costs while earned media is free. For example, running a full page ad in People Magazine will cost you whatever the rate is for the ad size of your choice; however, an interview in People Magazine is a form of publicity and costs absolutely nothing. Anybody with a budget can run an ad, but it takes special expertise to snag publicity.
  • Q: So if earned media is free, why do I have to pay a PR firm?"
    A: Great question! As mentioned, it takes special expertise to execute campaigns and pitch clients to media, be it local or national. A press release must be crafted in a particular way, or the journalists and TV producers who receive it will trash it ASAP. Yes, a good press release takes more than just spelling the words correctly! In addition to that, PR professionals are forever networking and have the connections to make things happen for your brand. So in short, you’re paying for expertise⎯which is priceless.
  • Q: What is considered media?
    A: Media can include print magazine, newspaper, digital/online publication, podcasts, radio, and television.
  • Q: What is a press release?
    A: A press release is a written communication sent to members of the media for the purpose of announcing something that is newsworthy, or of value, to its audience. It should provide reporters with the basic information needed to develop a feature story.
  • Q: What is a media kit?
    A: A media kit, or press kit, is a packaged set of promotional materials, such as photographs and background information for distribution to the media before the release of a new product or upcoming event. Because time is of the essence, many PR professionals distribute EPKs, or electronic press kits for their clients.
  • Q: Is there a trial period for services?
    A: Sorry, we don’t do those.
  • Q: I just need some advice on how to get started. Can you help me?
    A: You may schedule a consultation with us here.
  • Q: How will I know that you are working in my best interest?
    A: That’s another great question. We keep clients informed and updated as often as possible. Even when nothing has actually happened yet, you will be informed that nothing has happened! Clients are “carbon copied” in every email correspondence between the agency and third parties. Retainer clients are also sent bi-weekly reports.

Need more clarity about what PR can do for your brand? You can schedule a time to speak with us!

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