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Black-Owned PR Agency

Because You Need Someone Who "Gets It"

Maintaining our brand, online image, and even our reputations isn't a concern we can handle flippantly. The need to address these concerns becomes even more pressing when it pertains to DEI . At Michelby & Co., a Black-owned PR Agency, that type of priority is given to every client.

As a Black-owned PR agency, Michelby & Co. also offers some unique benefits that aren't typically found at other PR agencies or major PR reputation firms. Were you aware that less than 3% of American businesses are under Black ownership? In addition to offering effective and proven scandalous damage control PR techniques, Michelby & Co. also affords the insight and power gleaned from an intimate understanding. These are benefits that have and can only be learned through first-hand experience.

For entrepreneurs, minority companies and organizations, and those without the resources of a major conglomerate, Michelby & Co. is the ideal fit and partner to help you position your brand accordingly.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting Michelby & Co., where your image or company brand is our business. Contact us for more information regarding our boutique of PR services, and let our team help you to be seen in the best light and in all the right ways. Build a winning image, mitigate potentially scandalous or damaging press, and use the media to your advantage. We are Michelby & Co., and our business is all about promoting yours!

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