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PR for lifestyle brands

Position your passion and purpose for prime press

Ready to become a media magnet?

Curators. Storytellers. Brand Architects.

A collective of savvy savages who specialize in brand messaging, media relations and content creatiton. We make the magic happen by: 

  • Securing press with the right media outlets for you

  • Strategizing clever campaigns  with social media influencers 

  • Crafting blog content and other written communications 

  • Diffusing negative public perceptions and crisis situations that tarnish your image 

  • Creating narratives that allow media outlets fall in love with you, and turning admirers into committed consumers. Basically we’re the Babyface of brand messaging!  



Don’t strive for relevancy, strive for integrity!

-Lucinda Cross 



When I think of media and public relations, Michelby is always top of mind. No matter if it's a member of their celebrity clientele or an up and coming author or speaker, they serve with a heart-centered passion and focus. If you are looking for a PR firm to take your brand or business to the next level, they are your go-to.

Tamika Sims, Get Write With Tamika 

During our first consultation, I was blown away by the creative ideas suggested in how to bring awareness for the launch of my first book. Her value that she brings to her clients is more than just her media connections and writing gifts, it's her talent for helping you identify your public voice and positioning it with the right core audience. Michelby & Co. was able to secure media for my upcoming book by getting me featured on a nationally-syndicated radio show with 6 million listeners. This led to a speaking engagement at The Potter’s House and more!  

Andrea Caldwell,  Autism Awareness Advocate

White Gradient

The most effective way to build a brand is not by spending money in advertising, but by finding clever ways to keep your name in the press.

Barbara Corcoran


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