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Media Services

From securing press to teaching you how to ace your interview, we've got you covered. Click below to get started!

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Boutique and unique. Our agency has expertise in media, content creation, brand messaging, and crisis management.


Case Study

Meet Victoria of VAR Events in Baton Rouge. As an event and floral designer, she recognized that even on Valentine's Day, there is a need for her services. She came to Michelby & Co. to make her idea a reality!


Men enjoy participating in Valentine's Day just as much as women do, but the gag is they tend to go shopping at the last minute and end up buying cliche' gifts.  


We crafted a pitch letter several weeks before the holiday to attract partnerships that would allow Victoria to sell her signature florals at high-end stores. She scored an opportunity at #MignonFaget in the Mall of Louisiana that did several things: 


1. It gave Victoria more visibility, allowing her to reach new customers  

2. It positioned her as someone valuable to the event industry (Established brands don't partner with just any body!)

3. It gave her target audience fresh gift ideas to surprise their significant others with so they don't end up on the blocked list

4. And it gives Victoria more bragging rights in comparison to her competitors!

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