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A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. What is the crowd saying about YOU?   

Communications Strategy

+ Positioning 

Brand Tagline: Memorable phrase that conveys the heartbeat of your brand identity. The best taglines are concise and cute – think “Just Do it” for Nike or “The Quicker Picker Upper” for Bounty. 

Brand Pillars: This is especially important for companies and organizations, including the non-profit sector. The core attributes that support your brand positioning strategy and the brand identity that expresses it. Brand pillars are the DNA. They should be unique and true to your organization and easy for your employees to remember. They help determine what brand messages are appropriate and which are not, helping you to stay true to your mission and away from negative public perceptions.  

One Sheet: A single document that summarizes a brand, business, or product for publicity. Can be used to help journalists furnish a news story, spark the interest of event sponsors and so much more.

Corporate Narrative: A bio for your brand. Business storytelling at it’s finest. The extended version of your brand positioning statement. It should let the world know why you exist, what you do, the audiences you serve, and how you stand out from competitors. 

Pitch Presentation: Corporate pitches are a more dynamic version of the corporate narrative and should capsule your core positioning, value proposition, brand identity, and brand messages

Media Relations + Pitching

Our knack for developing unique pitch angles and media savvy turns our clients’ brands into enticing stories that land placements in top print and online outlets, TV shows, podcasts, and more.

Social Influencer Outreach

We align our clients with the right digital influencers, seeding them with products for valuable cross-promotional opportunities, producing authentic content and extensive brand reach via social media.

Boutique and unique. Our firm has expertise in media, content creation, brand messaging, and crisis management.


Case Study

NaKeysha Valdez is an event designer and the owner of Envy Events located in Miami, Florida. She prides herself on being able to execute a client’s vision no matter how extravagant. Whether she’s creating an ambiance for a children’s party, wedding, or graduation, NaKeysha is the person for the job!  Although the business has been operating for a short amount of time, her brand is well-known throughout South Beach, Atlanta, and some parts of Alabama.   

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a shift in NaKeysha’s business in ways that she never imagined. With social distancing being heavily enforced, people are not able to have events in the traditional sense; therefore, her business has slowed down drastically.

Most entrepreneurs would be angry and frustrated with this turn of events. Rather than making social media posts that make her clientele feel guilty about not booking events, she decided to DO something.

Even though the pandemic has lessened requests to book her event decorating services, NaKeysha realizes that all is not lost in regard to providing excellent customer service.  After reviewing her mission statement and values, she was able to reaffirm Envy Event’s purpose—to help people celebrate life’s milestones.  These days, that includes recovering from COVID-19 and other related illnesses.  With the help of her college intern, Zuri, she contacted several hospitals and nursing homes to provide complimentary floral arrangements and festive balloons for patients who are on the road to recovery. Altogether, NaKeysha serviced 30 facilities in less than three weeks.  

So what was the return on her act of goodwill and solidarity? 




Zuri sent an email about Envy Event’s gesture of kindness to their mailing list, asking its followers for the names and location of any sick friends and family members. In addition to sending this information,  followers gave monetary donations to make the mission possible.  Not only did this alleviate the costs on the company’s behalf, but it also gave NaKeysha’s clientele a sense of inclusion in the effort to support the sick and shut-in during the pandemic.

Here are some other PRiceless gems NaKeysha garnered from the company’s implementation of public relations:

  •  Reputable news outlets requesting interviews about her business after seeing pictures of the activity on social media 

  • Approximately 3,000 new subscribers added to her email list

  • 27 inquiries for high-end weddings, balls, and retirement parties that will take place in the first and second quarters of 2021  

  • Requests to participate in women’s business conferences and empowerment events  

  • The respect and admiration of all her audiences and affiliates

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